Those goals are at the core of everything we do at Protect the Heart. 

In 2005, Protect the Heart was born. Our PRC (pregnancy resource center) knew we needed to go to the next level of the work we were doing in the community. We wanted to get to the heart of the issue, if you will.
We exist to bring truth to a hurting generation, a strong generation, of students and parents alike.
We believe that given the healthiest and wisest medically and statistically accurate information we can EDUCATE our young people to make the best choices for their lives and parents can be empowered to equip their teens in the latest sexual risk avoidance information. 

We believe that by arming our students and parents with the truth about risky behaviors, we EQUIP them for success-not failure.
We believe this investment has and will continue to EMPOWER both students and parents to believe in the success sequence. The steps are:
1. Graduate from high school;
2. Maintain a full-time job or have a partner who does; and
3. Have children while married, should they choose to become parents.
The success sequence shows that if you can achieve these steps, in this order, you decrease greatly the chances of living in poverty.