Go ahead. Match these jingles with their product. We dare you.

“Taste the Rainbow”

“Snap. Crackle. Pop.”

“I’m lovin’ it!”

“They’re Greeeaaat!”

Fun, wasn’t it?? Bet it didn’t take you long. It’s not supposed to. Marketers want you, in a very short time (around 23 hits to be precise), to be connected to their product and it’s message.

For every day products that might be fine but switch the product with, let’s say, SEX and you have a different game all together!!

Media influences approximately 1/3 of our day. With the average teen being exposed to hundreds of sexual images or references to sex EVERYDAY, the message and product becomes even more important.

We aim to unmask the everyday lies our young people are faced with. Every day they are asked to believe something and we want to help them unpack that.