Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Education is the standard approach used to address risk behaviors such as underage drinking and smoking and is entirely appropriate and beneficial in addressing the risk of teen sex. There are currently 25 peer-reviewed studies showing that students in SRA classes are: a) more likely to delay sexual initiation and b) if sexually active, more likely to discontinue or decrease sexual activity and no less likely to use a condom.

We offer a comprehensive educational experience that builds a solid foundation through the middle and high school years and beyond.


Program based curriculum

We have researched the most successful SRA curriculums and bring in the latest medically and statistically accurate information in a fun, interactive teaching style. These are held in two formats:

  • 1 Day Straight Talk – The truth about love, sex & consequences.
  • 5-day full package program – 5 class sessions that break everything down for you in the areas of goals and dreams, media influence, STDs, Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships and Commitment to Freedom.

Both are FREE with flexible teaching schedules!