Today we live in an ‘outta sight/outta mind’ world.

Remember the line in the beloved Dr. Suess book Horton Hears a Who?:

“If you can’t see, hear or feel something, it doesn’t exist!”

NOTHING could be further from the truth regarding STDs.

The CDC states ‘approximately 1 in 4 sexually active teens’ has an STD.

A large percentage (70%) of those infected are showing no signs or symptoms, so by default they assume nothing IS wrong.

Estimates suggest that even though young people aged 15–24 years represent only 25% of the sexually experienced population, they acquire nearly HALF of all new STDs.

Our goal is to come in and educate on this life saving topic. Through frank discussions and open dialogue, we are able to share the truth of the all too real possible consequences of becoming sexually active.